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Total Investors
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Investors Accepting Reduced Returns
The interest rate listed above is the annual interest rate you will receive on your investment.

The purpose of this bank listing is provide all the information needed to make a lending decision. Semble is currently working with this Church to secure funding through their church members to make a loan to the Church to fund part or all the loan need. You can see the information for that portion listed above. Please review the information provided in each tab below for the detailed need we are asking you to consider.


This listing is for informational purposes and is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. Any offering or solicitation is restricted to qualified prospective investors who are supporters of Calvary Chapel Meridian, who have reviewed a confidential offering memorandum and who have executed the subsequent subscription documentation. Persons accessing this site are deemed to represent that they will not use the information herein to offer to purchase securities in a manner that would violate restrictions set out in the information or any securities laws of any jurisdiction.

Loan Summary:

Total potential loan request from your financial institution: $3,000,000

While the entire loan amount is $5.5MM. Calvary Meridian anticipate's raising half of the needed amount from their supporters as detailed above. Our anticipated bank loan need will be $2.5 to 3MM. Please consider this amount in your financial Analysis. The use of the funds can be viewed in the Loan/Collateral tab.

Our analysis (see below) was done based on a bank loan at 5% over 20years. The Church financial position is strong and growing. Their income has almost doubled over the last 3 years with a debt to revenue ratio of 3.8. They have had a strong adjusted gross income last year with a DCR of 1.5. The property has not been appraised. A summary of the key ratios is included here for quick reference. You can see the detailed analysis by clicking here.

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The bank will be given the first lien position for this loan with Friends of Calvary Meridian, LLC in a second lien position.


Repayment Strategy

Calvary Chapel Meridian has sufficient operating revenues to repay the loan for the building. It should be noted that historically the church has grown at a rate of about 15% annually, which would further enable the church to pay off any debt that is incurred at present time. In addition, due to the incredible population growth of Meridian as one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S., it is anticipated that there will be even more additional increase in attendance and annual giving in future years.

Although the leadership of Calvary Chapel desires to pay off its loan as quickly as possible, it is likely there will be a balance at the end of the initial five-year term of the loan. The plan for refinancing the loan will include: (i) at each investor’s sole discretion, to participate in refinancing of the loan for another term; (ii) securing of a conventional loan from a bank; or (iii) a combination of the two preceding options.

Risk Questionnaire

Are there any outstanding or pending litigations against the Borrower? 


Are there any material changes in revenue sources that should be disclosed or are not represented in the financial information provided?  


Are there any material changes in operating expenses that should be disclosed or are not represented in the financial information provided?


Are there any material changes in the Borrower’s leadership (compensated or non-compensated) that should be disclosed? 


Are there any employment issues or claims outstanding or pending? 


Are there any environmental issues on any of the real estate related to the Borrower loan?


Has the Borrower been in default in any obligations in the past 3 years? 


Has any of the key leadership of the Borrower (compensated or non-compensated) been involved in any pending or current litigations or judgments that could adversely impact their ability to serve the Borrower? 


Has any of the key leadership of the Borrower (compensated or non-compensated) ever been indicted or convicted of a felony? 


Mission & Vision

What We Believe

Calvary Chapel has been formed as a fellowship of believers in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Our supreme desire is to know Christ and to be conformed into His image by the power of the Holy Spirit.

What We Do

Our purpose as a fellowship of believers is to make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). That is, to multiply ourselves into more believers that will be sacrificial followers of Jesus. We do that through this simple, clear process:

We connect people with God as we connect with them in our main services and special events.

We grow together in community with others though our House2House small groups

We reach out to others by sharing our faith and serving our King Jesus.

Reason for Loan

The purpose for the loan is to finance the purchase of land and construction of new church facilities for Calvary Chapel Meridian. (include picture of land area) The project will be a 28,000 square foot building, parking for approximately 300 cars, and green space situated on 8.3 acres near the corner of Ten Mile and Ustick roads in Meridian, Idaho. This will be our new “base of operations” to accomplish our ministry mission and vision. We hope to break ground in late summer/early fall 2018, with the building opening in the summer of 2019.


We recognize that a permanent location is a much better option than continuing to lease a building due to various limitations in rented facilities, as well as the long-term better use of our financial resources.

Community Impact

Since the church first moved into Meridian, the desire of leadership has been to invest in the local community. Whether it is in helping people with sober living, strengthening marriages, or supporting local outreaches like Boise Rescue Mission, Christian Children’s Ranch, or Love, INC, Calvary Chapel is committed to helping our citizens know Jesus and have the necessary tools to be helped practically so that they might be a contributing healthy member of society.

Church GatheringWe are embarking on this big new project to build a new place where we can do more ministry better, and see more changed lives for the Lord than ever before. One where God will be magnified and people will be changed. It’s going to be a custom designed facility to build up the believers, and reach our community with the gospel. Some of the features of this new building include:

We expect to use the new facilities to increase the ability to expand our Homeschool Co-Op from about 50 families to 100, connecting hundreds of students who are homeschooled by their parents.

We expect to build on the 400+ adults and around 200 children that gather each Sunday to be instructed in God’s Word and given hope to be growing members of our community.

Church GatheringBecause of the large planned upgrade to the children’s facilities, we expect a positive family impact due to fantastic nursery, elementary age classrooms, teen youth rooms, as well as custom worship space. These combined together will provide the tools to support the growing need for a healthy church in a vibrant growing community.

We also anticipate a future place that the community can gather for use of ball fields, indoor after-school study hall and meeting space, children’s playground equipment, a local place for weddings and memorial services, conferences, and more.

Church GatheringClassroom space will also be built with an eye toward the future creation of a private Christian school/Homeschool hybrid, as well as a Calvary Chapel Bible College campus.

History Of Calvary Chapel

Calvary Chapel began in the late 1960's as one small, non-denominational church. Pastor Chuck Smith, who had spent 17 years in churches throughout California and Arizona, became the pastor of a church in Costa Mesa, California which called itself Calvary Chapel. Pastor Chuck adopted a method of teaching the church through the whole Bible verse by verse, and emphasizing the need to love all people in the name of Jesus. Within two years, the small church in Costa Mesa had grown so dramatically that there was no longer room in the church to hold all the people.

At about the same time, Pastor Chuck's wife Kay began to feel that they needed to reach out to the "hippies" of that era. They eventually made the decision to open their home and their church to these young people, teaching God's love for them through the sacrificial death of His Son, Jesus. Pastor Chuck became the founder of what was known as the "Jesus Movement," witnessing God's miraculous power as the Lord dramatically transformed the lives of young people in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Young men began to venture out from that single church and start other fellowships in the same model as the original Calvary Chapel. Today, there are more than 1700 Calvary Chapel churches worldwide.

Calvary Meridian is affiliated with that family of churches, and began in 2009 as a small group of believers who met in the nearby town of Middleton. The pastors and elders felt a call to move the location to Meridian in 2011, where God has done a beautiful work of changing many lives through His church. Each year, God has done a great work of rescuing people from alcoholism, despair, ruined lives and broken marriages. We remain confident that He will be faithful to complete the work in Meridian that He has been doing for the past 9 years.

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Loan/Offering Details

Borrower has set a total loan need of $5,500,000. Friends of Calvary Meridian, LLC is an entity established for the sole purpose of raising investment funds in which 100% of the proceeds will be used to finance a loan to Calvary Chapel Meridian, INC. (Calvary Meridian), evidenced by a Loan Agreement, Promissory Note and Deed of Trust (“Loan”). The Loan will be used to provide the capital necessary to purchase the land and build the entire church facility. The minimum loan amount is $1,300,000.

The notes issued to investors will have a maximum interest rate return of 4.0% and a term of 5 years. Each investor will have the ability to further reduce the rate for their specific note which results in greater positive impact for Calvary Meridian. Due to the lack of liquidity for the Notes during the term of the investment, investors must assume they will be required to hold the Notes for the full 5 years.

Calvary Meridian intends on requesting the initial loan for the purchase of the property when the minimum loan amount of $1,300,000 is reached. They will continue to raise additional funds through the platform until there is sufficient funds to start the building construction phase of their plan.

Further, it is important to review the Borrower’s plan for repayment (“Repayment Strategy”), located in the “Borrower Information” tab, which outlines the plan for reducing principal during the term of the Loan as well as how the Borrower plans to address the balance of the Loan when it matures.


Use of Proceeds / Collateral Details

Borrower has established a minimum loan need of $1,300,000 to purchase land and help with some soft cost for building construction. The additional funds needed to complete construction of a 28,000sf worship center (Church) will be $4,200,000. The total amount of the loan may be reduced in the event that designated gifts are realized. No cost information is available and will be added to the resources section when it is received from the contractor.

The Loan will have a Deed of Trust recorded in 1st position on the Property unless funds are secured from a bank to fill any gaps in funding needs. In the event that a bank loan is secured the bank will take the first position lien with the Friends of Calvary Meridian, LLC subordinate them.

To establish a valuation of the Property and due to the fact that the Property was on the open market for purchase, the best indication of current value is the purchase price of $1,092,485. There has been no valuation done to indicate the value upon completion of the construction.

IMPORTANT: Based on purchase price of $1,092,485, the minimum loan amount of up to $1,300,000 results in a loan-to-value ratio of over 100%. It is also further noted that the construction loan-to-value ratio could be over 100% if the maximum loan amount of $5,500,000 is reached. This presents significant risk in the event the Property needs to be sold to satisfy the Loan. In the event Calvary Meridian is not able to service the loan payments, the Property as collateral would potentially need to be sold to satisfy the Loan obligation. In such an event, DUE TO THE HIGHLY LEVERAGED NATURE OF THE LOAN, IT SHOULD BE ASSUMED THAT THE SALE OF THE PROPERTY WOULD NOT PROVIDE ENOUGH PROCEEDS TO COVER THE LOAN AND INVESTORS IN NOTES WOULD REALIZE A LOSS.

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Property Collateral

Property Address: 3600 West Nellis Ave, Meridian ID 83642

Property Status: Bare Land is being purchased for Construction

Property Value: $1,300,000 - Purchase Price


Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What is the next step?

ANSWER: At the point that you are ready to participate, select "Get Started" and follow the simple steps. It takes about 2 minutes to enter the basic information, including your email address, amount you want to invest, and the rate of return you would like to receive. Choosing to take this first step is not a binding commitment.

QUESTION: What if I want to get my money out before the end of the investment term?

ANSWER: If you plan to access the funds prior to the maturity of the investment, it is encouraged that you not invest since there are currently no well-defined secondary markets for the investment. In the case of hardship, best efforts will be made to see if someone else would like to take your position, although there are no guarantees.

QUESTION: Can I make an investment using retirement funds?

ANSWER: Yes, but you are not typically able to direct funds from your current employer 401(k) or 403(b). If the instructions online are not clear or if you have questions, please contact Semble.

QUESTION: Are there costs in using a retirement account (i.e. IRA) to invest?

ANSWER: Yes, all custodians will charge a fee for holding this type of investment because they are not compensated through the normal fees they realize in holding traditional investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.). The fee varies based on the custodian. The IRA custodian that is the preferred provider through Semble has a $25 setup fee and a flat annual cost of $65/yr. This cost should be taken into consideration when making an investment. There are no costs to invest using non tax-deferred funds since there is no need for custodial involvemen

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